At the times when dirt and dust are in your home, people should do their best to remove these particles from a room. There is a common knowledge that when you’re exposed to dust and dirt often; you may develop allergies or respiratory related illnesses. Dust and dirt can also harm inanimate objects though.

The average American has around 24 electronic products in their household. These products can range from something durable and long lasting, like your refrigerator; or something fragile such as your personal home computer.

Although those products do not breakdown immediately; once the minuscule obstructions enter the devices system, they will however, slow them down in the long run however.

How Dust Affects your Electronic Products…

Dust is capable of gathering and hiding inside the ports, sockets, and other parts of your electronic products. If a barrier of dust is formed within the devices spaces; it may lead to one of these problems:

  • Overheating through insulation
  • Conductivity
  • Moisture
  • More difficult to repair or restore
  • Poor contact in relays, switches, and connectors
  • May cause arcing and carbon tracking in higher voltage appliances

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